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The Adventures of 5 Scruffs

This is a sweet little article written by Vickie McCartney that was in the June 1976 issue of MacLen fanzine.   There is also a little footnote about George writing to one of the fans from this story that was nice.   

There weren't any photos that went with this story, although it mentions in the story several times that photos were taken.   The best I can do is post photos that we have all seen from May 1976 (this story took place in April of that year).    The best line in this story is the one that says "I'm not wasting my color film on Simon!"

By Vickie McCartney
MacLen June 1976

Hello again, MacLen friends!  Tis little old me, Vickie McCartney with another article, that I hope you’ll all like.   On April 10, 1976, I went into New York and at that famous meeting place, Port Authority; I met Peggy S. and Meena S.  We first walked around Broadway, buying posters of Paul.  Then we headed over to a placed called “Johnny’s T-shirt Shop” in the Village.  We had special black t-shirts with a saying in silver glitter, for Macca’s N.Y. concerts.  Anyroad, we stopped at McDonald’s and then headed over to the Dakota or better known as “John’s house.”  We met Laura D.  And Karen B. there, who informed us that the nurse had taken Sean out and we missed him by 10 minutes.  The three of us good naturedly cursed each other for stopping at McDonald’s.  Laura and Karen told us that Sean’s nurse must be at least 15 years older than Yoko and looked like a karate expert.  We decided a) John wasn’t home or b) it must be a trick, sending Sean out with the nurse, so we’d think no one was home and leave.  We all stayed.  A green station wagon pulled into the driveway, empty.  We didn’t pay any attention to it.  We took photos of the building and Peggy took a pic of the rest of us in front of the building.   I think Peggy was the first one to notice John.  I only remember a shaky voice whispering “there he is!”  And before you could say a word, John and Yoko got into the car and all hell broke loose.  We all threw our belonging at Peggy, who was wondering where everyone was going, and took off  after the car, cameras clicking away.  I almost got run down by some twit and John, who was sitting by the window, watching all of this, for some reason found this a bit hysterical.  We chased the car for 2 ½ blocks.  The car stopped for a red light and just as I was about to snap another photo, John rolled the window down.  Without thinking about it, I said, “I’m so sorry you have no time, I wanted you both to autograph your books for me.  I have them and they’re both beautiful.”  Yoko is smiling at me and John says, “I’m so sorry, but we have to go someplace.”   The light changes and they leave.

We all return to the Dakota, happy and smiling.  We decide to wait for their return.  As we wait, Paul Simon comes past us with two kids, giving us strange looks.  Meena says, “There’s Paul Simon.”  He turned around and gives us more weird looks.  We don’t care and I say loud enough for him to hear:  “I’m not wasting my color film on Simon, I’m saving it for John!”   Simon takes off, as everyone is laughing.   Five hours later, John and Yoko return.  I start to take out their books for autographs, then I say, “Oh, you’re busy.”  John, being so nice, says, “No, come on, let’s have it.”  Yoko asks if I have a pen and I give it to her.  Before she signs, she asks my name.  I can’t get over how petite she is.  She finishes signing and hands the pen to John.  Yoko is really nice, not phony like someone else (I’m sure you all know who I mean).  John hands me back my book and pen and I am surprised and happy to see he wrote my name.  A few last photos are taken, we thank them and they go into the house.  We are all thrilled, jumping up and down, yelling, people can’t figure out why.  Karen starts to cry and before you know it, we’re all crying.  After this, we each part for the day.  Tired, but happy!!

FLASH FLASH FLASH!  One of our members, Laura D., who was mentioned in the above article about John, received a postcard recently from the one and only George Harrison!  You see, Laura is a very close friend of Eric Idle, one of the Pythons.  Anyroad, she missed George when he appeared on stage with the Pythons in New York and it seems that Eric did a bit of talking about her to George.  A couple of weeks later, she received a postcard from George telling her that he was sorry that he has missed meeting her at the Python’s show.  I must say, that is quite an honor – to have George Harrison miss you!  Congratulations to you, Lauri!  I’m sure you’re still on Cloud 9!

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  1. Awwww, an adorable story!! You really feel like you're there with them!!

    I like how she keeps using "anyroad", cute.

    Poor Paul Simon!! First John disses him during a drunken session, during the Lost Weekend. Then he disses him as "the singing dwarf" on the diary tape (which, hopefully, he's never heard!)...and now this!

    I know this isn't called Meet Paul Simon For Real, but actually, a friend of mine met him recently, and told me he's very nice.

    This cracked me up: "Yoko is really nice, not phony like someone else (I’m sure you all know who I mean)."

    HA!!! Who could that mean, aw, I think I know who it means. But let's not speak ill of the deceased.

    But the sweetest part of the story has to be the end, when one of them starts crying and before you know it, they're all crying! Adorable.

    Thanks for typing this one up, Sara! I was able to read it on my break, instead of taking it home, for a change!