Monday, April 8, 2013

Taking a family stroll

Yoko, Kyoko and John just taking a little walking Scotland, and that lady just left the bank and has no idea who she is walking near.  


  1. J & Y walking past the bank in Shandwick Place, Edinburgh (my "hometown").

    It's now shut, but you can still see the building on Google Street View and it looks exactly as it did back then. Same door and marble exterior.

    Great to see a photo of J & Y somewhere I've walked past countless times.

    Was also intrigued to discover that John's favourite cinema in Edinburgh when visiting his cousin Stan is now an apartment block where my friend lives, and that in 1964 he visited Stan at his house a little along the road from my old High School. Shame I wasn't born until 1980!

    Maybe John would have paid a visit back to those old haunts if he'd lived. He definitely wanted to take Sean to visit Edinburgh for the military tattoo, as he stated in the "diary tape".

  2. Julian is in this picture too, he's in the dark pants just behind John. Kyoko is behind Yoko. (: