Monday, April 8, 2013

John and Yoko out on the town

I am pretty sure this photo was taken at the event where John is  sitting in the front row of a concert hall shining a huge flashlight.    It was 1971 in New York.   This photo was taken by Morgan Richards and was from the Lennon facebook page.

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  1. Indeed you are correct. Yoko did not have a work permit to perform on the stage, so John had a handy rather large flashlight and he shined it on her while she did her thing from the front of the stage but not on the stage! Just a note here, I regret 'loaning' my photos to Stuart/Lennon facebook page since I have been finding my photos all over the web! Anyway, I am glad you like them and were kind enough to put my name to those photos that are mine. Thank you!