Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pools of sorrow, waves of joy

It was 44 years ago today that Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman.   This was a huge event in the life of Beatles fans.   There are several stories of fans who heard the news of Paul getting married and left the life that they once knew and went to London to be what became the Apple Scruffs and the other fans. 

We all have seen the footage of the fans weeping and wailing at Paul and Linda's wedding.   I have often wondered why they had such a huge reaction to Paul getting married.    Two of the other Beatles had weddings while the band was together and you didn't see an outpouring of extreme sadness and tears at their weddings.   Surely the fans did not think that they had a chance with Paul?   I know on some level many of them did (just as I thought I had a chance in marrying Joe McIntyre when I was 14), but really they couldn't have truly believed it.    And then I start to think deeper and wonder if Paul had married Jane Asher, would the display had been as big?   I doubt it.   Most of the fans really liked Jane whereas they highly disliked Linda.   Alright let me just lay it all out there.  Many of them hated Linda.  They hated how she treated them.   They hated how she was attached to Paul's arm every single time they saw him.   And most of all they felt that Linda was making Paul change into a meaner person.    I cannot say if any of that was true, but I have read some really cruel things about Linda from 1969.    Some fans were nicer to Yoko than they were to Linda, which is something history overlooks.    And that is my feelings why the fans were bawling in uncontrollable ways out in the streets of Paul and Linda's wedding.

So here are some photos of that memorable day in Beatle fan history.


  1. I was a regular at that time and I don't know any of those crying girls but from what I've heard they were asked to cry for the cameras..and I knew that I didn't have a chance with Paul lol

  2. Judging by these photos it looks like the photographers concentrated on about 5 girls that had a break-down (faked or not) and that keep re-appearing throughout. And they look very young too.
    Quite a contrast to the flock of girls that hung out (and were filmed) at Apple when it was announced that the Beatles broke up (a much more tragic event if you ask me). Those were in comparision older and much more composed up to playing it rather cool.

  3. Thanks for the insight on this. I figured they were crying because Paul was the last single Beatle to get married. I didn't realize Linda offended the fans. I wonder what happened.

    - Jenny

  4. I saw the same bunch of wailers when paul married Nancy. They were much older of course and had put on quite a few pounds.

  5. I often wondered if these girls were paid to act this way for the press, or if only a few girls were acting in such extreme behavior and the media latched onto those few girls and made it look like it was every fan who was there. One thing that drives me crazy (and I have mentioned it before on this blog) is that many documentaries will talk about the Beatles breaking up and show footage of these girls at Paul's wedding crying. As far as I know, no one was bawling outside of Abbey Road or Savile Row when the Beatles ended. The whole wailing outside of Paul's wedding thing always struck me as strange. I can see even crying a little and I am sure fans were shocked (was with Jane for 5 years and didn't get married, just met Linda and got hitched.) But the wailing and carrying on was just too over the top, even for Beatle fans.