Wednesday, March 6, 2013

1st grade thrill

Here is a girl who was in the first grade, getting her copy of "High in the Clouds" autographed by Paul McCartney.   I teach first graders.   I do not think that the majority of my 1st grade students are aware of Paul McCartney.   Many of them have heard of "The Beatles."   Some of them wear Beatles shirts to school now and then.    However, I seriously cannot picture any of my first grade student waiting in line to meet Paul.    But....if one of them did, it would be the first time in my life where I was insanely jealous of one of my students.     Maybe Paul should just come to my school for an assembly and read his children book to us all.   


  1. Awwwww!

    I absolutely love pics of any of the Beatles with kids, it's so coooool!!!!

    One of the things that I've noticed in more than one story posted here and elsewhere: when The Beatles would meet a child, they did NOT talk down to the child!!! I love that!!!

    Hey Sara, great pics today!! All of 'em! As usual!!

  2. Grumpy old man alert!! :-)

    I`m sorry but I hate seeing pics like these.

    I am scarred because in 1997 I went down to HMV in London as Paul was doing a signing for Flaming Pie. Obviously, only a limited number would get to meet the great man and unfortunately, although I was there very early, the lucky few, and fair play to them, had already been picked. I think the number was limited to 200 people.I was in the group who would be allowed into the store to get a good view of the signing session.
    Anyway, I was lucky enough to be within a couple of feet of him as he walked into the store, better than nowt I suppose.
    So, I`m standing in HMV, jealous as hell of the people shaking his hand and getting an autograph, and there`s kids there in the queue, kids of about six or seven who could have been meeting a telly tubby for all they knew. Okay, their parents might have made the queue but the kids didn`t know who they were talking to and could have been put in a supervised room with some crayons.
    Anyway rant over :-)
    Got to dash, there`s a Peppa Pig siging near me and only ten people are allowed so me and nine mates are going with our autograph books.

    1. HA! Ok, well, what can we say, we definitely feel your pain!!!! you can see, this was a book signing for his kid's book "High In The Sky" (I still can't believe that's the title of his kids' book! Almost as good/bad as "Kisses On The Bottom"! Sir Paul, really now!!) anyways, a signing for "High In The Clouds" is certainly an understandable reason for having children in line!