Friday, January 4, 2013

Typical New Yorker

I KNEW 2013 was going to be a good Beatle year!   Look at the photo that just appeared on ebay!   Typically when I locate a photo, I might try to clean it up a bit and savor it for myself for a couple of days before I share it with the world.  However, this one is too good to keep to myself.    Eeeek!!!

Now I would say that this looks like the Fall of 1976 just by going with John's hair and glasses.  But I am terrible on dating late 1970's John because those years blend together a bit for me.  

Why is that woman not looking at John?   Could you imagine walking in New York City and there is John!?   Well I know that some of you can imagine it happening, because you witnessed it yourselves.   But the idea just blows my mind.  

Happy weekend.....will be back in a couple of days.


  1. Great snap, never seen it before. As ever, thanks for posting. I'd also say '76, but it could be '77, judging by John's look in some other photos from that year.

    I see the photo has a starting bid of $999.... I'd expect the negative and copyright for that price, and neither are mentioned. So I'll happily stick with this digital version.

    Thanks again. :)

  2. great picture, sara, but what's wrong with this seller? US$999.- for a photo??? i sense this person feels that anything to do with john is an opportunity to rip people off. awful! p.s. maybe the woman is an airhead and didn't notice john walking beside her!

  3. Omg, Sara... amazing find, a great fan photo! Yeah, looks like late '76/early '77 to me, too. Those lucky New Yorkers! It's probably better I'm on the other coast 'cuz I would have screamed and freaked out had I saw him.

    But is that a ciggie in his mouth or is that just a flaw in the photo? I mean, a thousand bucks for a flawed photo?? The seller must have forgotten a decimal point....

  4. I was thinking, maybe the woman is walking WITH John, like an assistant or something!

    Also, living in NYC, alot of times you walk and you don't look at who's around you, it's almost rude to do. Ha! "Typical New Yorker" indeed, Sara!

    Well, either way, typical New Yorker or not, GREAT usual!