Monday, January 7, 2013

Little Girl tapes continue

Anyone who follows this blog should know that I tend to obsess over Beatles things.   I get stuck on one particular topic and I have to found out every bit of information there is about it.   A few years ago my topic of obsession was the "Little Girl" tapes.    I have talked about them a million times before on this blog.   These are the tapes that Leslie Samuels and her friend Donna Stark made when they visited the Beatles at their homes in 1967.    The bootleg is of Paul and George.   They are fascinating and I transcribed the entire thing at one point.  I also went into a deep search to find out more about Leslie and Donna and their meeting with the Beatles.   This was all before I had this blog, although it might have began my passion for Beatles and their fans.

So anyhow, over the years I have chatted with Leslie online and shockingly enough I didn't scare her away!   She is going to be featured next week on the PBS show, the Antique Road Show.  She is showing her book of John's writings autographed by John and a photograph of Paul reading the book.    You can see the segment here:

It says you can hear Paul reading the book on the site.,  I didn't see a link for that up yet, but I would check back after it actually airs.

I wonder if Paul remembers this happening.   And what if he just happens to be watching the Antique Road Show and sees it?   Oh the way my mind wanders.

The segment was taped this past summer.  Here is Leslie with her book and photo
Paul in his garden chatting to Leslie and Donna

Can we all say, busted?   Yeah...obviously from the video clip, Leslie owns the rights to these photos.

Paul reading the book:  scanned from a teen magazine


  1. Couldn't find the audio clip either... shame.
    Looks like the back of Cavendish Ave?

  2. Or here