Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Sir George!

Best wishes to Sir George Martin for a happy and wonderful year!  


  1. what would have happened if this amazing man hadn't believed in our boys??? brian had been all over the place with their tape and nobody was interested. it took a sensitive, brilliant musician and producer like sir george to recognize there was "something" there - we all owe him big time! happy birthday sir george!

    1. Yes, Lizzie Bravo, you are the loudspeaker for my mind on this one!

      And also, what if he wasn't so good at his job! What if he hadn't been so patient and didn't indulge their ideas! I was reading how The Kinks had a deal in which they weren't allowed much studio time....even though they were a hit group!! Could have been the same with the Fabs! What if he had forced them to release "How Do You Do It?" and who knows what else?

      What if he hadn't tried to connect the two versions of "Strawberry Fields"! Or write the scores for that song, Eleanor Rigby, I Am The Walrus and all the rest?! Never played the solo on In My Life, or Lovely Rita!

      Definitely the Fifth Beatle, as far as our ears are concerned! Happy Birthday, Sir George!