Thursday, January 3, 2013


It seems to me that George is the Beatle who found himself with a girl clinging to him the most often.   At least he was the most photographed like that.  I love John in the background of this one!


  1. I've always noticed that too!!

    Well, John WAS married so that's understandable.

    This pic cracks me up, yeah, look at John, and also George's face! Contemptuous of the whole thing, even then!

  2. I have an orig press print of an alternate shot from this incident and here's the text:
    "A fervent fan of the Beatles is Sandra Sims of Cobham, Surrey and her favourite is George Harrison, whom she admires with a fervour which defies the efforts of a securitry man to unhitch her arms from George's waist at ABC Television Studios, Teddington, Middlesex yesterday." It was taken Sun 23/2/64 when the Fabs were there to film "Big Night Out".