Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Giving Peace a Chance with Julian Lennon

A new blog reader named Michael was kind enough to send in these photos of him meeting Julian Lennon at Art Basel in Miami on December 8th of this year.   I love the fact that Julian is acknowledging Michael's John Lennon t-shirt!   Very awesome!!!!   I love it when readers send it stuff like this.   Anyone else????

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  1. It must be weird seeing your deceased Dad on people's t shirts!

    I remember Paul saying, shortly after George died, that the hardest thing for him, the time he thinks about it most, is when people give him stuff to sign, and inevitably it's the Four...and he thinks, "there's my friends, that are gone now..." (i'm obviously paraphrasing....)

    These photos are great, I too love that Julian now has peace with the memory of his Dad, and he has understanding, that's just the best, I wish him the best. He got screwed, he really was a talent but the timing, what with the death of his Dad so soon...and him looking and sounding just like him, it was just too painful!