Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crowding in to see Yellow Submarine

My Dad (who isn't a Beatle fan and never really has been.  He falls in that category of people who like their music, but just doesn't "get" it) was telling me that when he was a Junior in high school, in 1968 he had to write a paper on what the Blue Meanies represent in his life.   I thought that was so funny!  What a neat assignment.  My Dad said that he didn't even know what the Blue Meanies were at the time.  Haha!

Anyhow...here are some interesting photos of the Beatles arriving at the premiere of the Yellow Submarine.  I think David Stark is in one of the photos.   I also think it is interesting to see what Mal Evan's wife, Lil looked like.   And lastly...does anyone know who Paul's date was that night?  You can see her in the 3rd photo with the little flowers in her hair.


  1. As far as I'm informed, Paul didn't have a "date" that night - he arrived (although may not have left) alone.

  2. I know that it was not publicized that Paul had a date that night. And he is seen entering with John and Yoko. However, this girl was near him in the crowd and for sure left with him. She looks so familiar and I just can't place who she is.

  3. My husband is by Paul's shoulder with a 35mm camera in the first pic. Leslie Bryce, the official Beatles Monthly photographer took all the photos & my husband subsequently woked for him as his assstant. I have original prints of all the pics showing my husband withe the Beatles that night. He was 16 at the time.

    1. Sue that is really, really awesome!!! I bet your husband has some great Beatles stories.

  4. Paul's 'date' that night was Jenny Boyd, Patties sister.