Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Holiday

Here is a photo I took off the screen during Freda Kelly's presentation at the Fest.   I am just as bad as the girls who took the photos off the T.V. screens and the movie screens.   I listened to a discussion for several minutes of the person who interviewed Freda trying to pinpoint the date of this photo.   I already knew the date (he was trying to make this 1962 and from Love me do...but then started looking at the Summer holiday poster and figured that movie came out in 1963...blah blah..someone should have just asked the audience if they knew!)  So anyhow, this photo was taken on January 24, 1963 at NEMS (not the regular NEMS but the smaller store).  

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  1. Wow, a new photo from this event! With audience too (even if it looks a bit posed). Chazz would love it I guess. I know I do!