Monday, August 27, 2012

Remembering the 5th Beatle

I am not good at tributes or things like that.   What more can I personally say about Brian Epstein today that hasn't already been said a million times?   I just know that as a Beatle fan, I have total respect for Brian.   He made the Beatles so that they were able to be loved by everyone in the world and not just those who were lucky enough to see them in the Cavern in Liverpool.  

We could argue until we are blue in the face about who was the "5th Beatle."   And it is a silly discussion that we find ourselves in.   But for my money, it was Brian because he was the one that lead them to fame.   And he was their friend.  

So in honor of Brian and in his memory I post these photos. 


  1. Yes, Sara... a beautiful tribute for a beautiful soul. I love that first photo!

  2. Thanks for remembering. I can quite clearly remember reading it in the newspaper the day after...

  3. a wonderful tribute to Brian and to a wonderful lovely soul that he was! Thanks for sharing these photos! :)