Wednesday, August 1, 2012

John in a coon skin cap

In February of 1975, not only was John back with Yoko at the Dakota (or as John put it 'our separation was a failure'), but he was also was hitting the circuit to promote the Rock n Roll album.    On February 13 he found himself at WNEW in New York on air with Scott Muni.   You can hear John on the radio that day right here.   
The two photos from the radio station come from the book "ticket to ride" by Denny Somach and the one with the fans is from the March/April 1975 issue of  "the Write thing."     Michael Stanikowits wrote a short paragraph about meeting John after the radio show for The Write Thing.  Here is what he said:

Guess what?  Karen and myself met John again outside Yoko's apartment (Feb 13).  He gave an interview on the radio, and of course we went down there.  He was dropped off by a limo by himself and we jumped out of the car and talked and took pics of him.  We have one of John, Karen and myself, taken by another friend.  He looked really fine - wearing a Davy Crockett type of hat and jeans and all.  We told him of June 12th (the write-in campaign) also.

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