Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Horn Rimmed Glasses

I have to thank friend of the blog, The Gilly for locating this photo.   Does anyone know anything about it?   The only known information is that it has someone named Graham Barry in the photograph.   Anyone? 


  1. The lady sittling on John's knee is my mum! Not sure if she'd want her name posted though. Great to see this photo!

  2. Its my Mum for sure, the comment above is from my brother so I can confirm its her and I also know the name of her friend.

  3. Your mom is sitting on John Lennon's knee. You can't get any cooler than that! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Hi Ken...
    No date BUT I just heard back from Graham Berry (who took the photo) who has sent me a very nice back story to this photograph.

  5. As a matter of fact the girl on Paul's knee is my Liverpudlian wife, Corinne, now aged 75, and standing rear left is me, TONY BARROW, now aged 76. The girl on John's knee was called at the time Perry Dale and she later came the first wife of this snap's photographer, a lifelong mate of mine, Graham Barry, who grew up with me in Crosby, Liverpool and now lives in Sydney, Oz. I had just started working with The Beatles as their personal Press Officer/Publicist at Brian Epstein's newly opened London HQ, I remained with NEMS until 1968, a year after Epstein's death. Oh yes, the snap -- Corinne and I took Perry and Graham with us to a Thank Your Lucky Stars recording in Birmingham and he took the pic in the canteen while The Beatles were waiting to go to make-up.
    Senior Press & Publicity Officer,
    NEMS ENterprises Limited,

  6. Wow, THE Tony Barrow on this blog!
    Thanks a lot for the insight!

    BTW there are a couple comments missing here that I recall having been made including two eyewitnes-reports giving more detail and one of mine pointing out a date problem between the two as one refers to Paul`s birthday coming up and one refers to John`s drunken behaviour on exactly that birthday, thus the birthday already gone by.
    What happened with these?

  7. Having checked my own records again it looks as if the Thank Your Lucky Stars date must have been about five days after Paul's birthday bash.