Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ringo at the Bottom Line

Blog reader, Frank M. sent in this story of meeting Ringo Starr on his birthday in 1998 when he was performing with the Roundheads at the Bottom Line in NYC.    Just a reminder that if you ever met a Beatle, feel free to drop me an email like Frank did and share your story.   The photo isn't Frank's, it is one that I found online taken by another fan (Mike Kennedy) who also spotted Ringo that same day.

 I was in Greenwich Village in NYC walking east on may 12, 1998 my 36th birthday to meet up with some buddies in the Bowery when walking by the The Bottom Line Music Club on East 4th street there was a mob of people and the marquee read Ringo Star Video Shoot. Naturally I stood with them and waited. I decided to move just south on the corner of West 4th and Mercer just to have a good view of the entrance away from the crowd.

Then he emerged amidst flashes of camera and people cheering and he walked across 4th street with two bodyguards literally towards me !! My direction...I then said Ringo today is my birthday can you shake my hand and he said "happy birthday" he shook my hand then the burly bouncers looked at me with a "this is where the conversation ends" look as they whisked him into the apartment building on Mercer just southeast of the club.

I then shouted out "God Bless you Ringo" and he turned around looked at me and said with his famous Liverpudlian drawl "god bless you too"...  

That was real nice

Frank M

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