Monday, July 23, 2012

Beatles Art Commissions

Many of you know the fan who runs the Beatles tumblr blog, The Gilly.   She is a dedicated fan of the Beatles who faithfully goes to libraries and scans rare newspapers and microfiche  of Beatles information to share on her blog.   Well, she is also a very talented artist and is currently commissioning her artwork.    Since she is so kind in sharing her scans and information with me for this blog, I told her that I would be glad to share the information with my readers.   

Here is a sample of the work that she does.   The price is 20 Euros (which is roughly 15 GBP or 25 US).  This may seem obvious, but sadly it needs to be stated.   These are The Gilly's drawings that she did.   Please do NOT take them and post them elsewhere without giving her proper credit and mentioning that she is commissioning these,and  do NOT change them in any way.  

If you are interesting in having her draw something for you, please contact her through her blog. 

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