Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nude fan meeting

Guy:  "Oh my God!  Look who is walking on the beach!  It is Paul McCartney!"

                               Girl:  "What?  You said that we didn't know anybody here.  You said no one important goes to this beach.  You said in France everyone works on their tan without their top on.  I can't meet a Beatle half naked!"

                               Guy:  "I can't believe this!  I am I going to shake his hand!"
                               Girl:  "This cannot be happening.  Where is my towel?  Oh no.  I need to cover myself quick!"
Guy:  "Sir Paul!  I am such a big fan.  It is such an honor to meet you.  I have all your records." Paul:  " Glad to meet you.  Isn't this sun great?"    Guy:  "Yeah..the beach here is wonderful.  Hey honey!  Come over here and say hi to Paul!"  

Girl: "Um...hi Paul."   Paul:  "Hello."  Nancy:  "Enjoying the sun today?"  Girl:  " is very nice."  (Thinking:  I am going to kill my boyfriend.  This is so embarrassing.  It can't get worse!"

Guy:  " take the camera.  Get a picture of me and my new buddy, Paulie."  Girl (thinking)  "How can I take the picture with one hand and cover myself at the same time?  I can't believe that is Paul McCartney!" 
Girl:  "Smile!" 

 Nancy:  "That was awkward!"
Paul:  "I swear I didn't look!"

Just a reminder that you can meet a Beatle anywhere, as seen in these photos.   Always be prepared.


  1. Ok, it's official, I've now seen everything!!! Literally!

  2. The biggest shock is that the boyfriend got a chance to put on pants and left the girl to fend *topless* for herself!

  3. Very cute thing here. I totally believe you that it happened like this because Paul would totally have said, "I swear I didn't look" because he really is a nice guy and a gentleman. How fun is that? Good for you!