Thursday, May 3, 2012

John Nucci meets Ringo in 1995

I am sure you all recall the story I recently posted about Boston area fan, John Nucci meeting John Lennon at his hotel in Boston in 1976.   Well fast forward to 1995 and we find John Nucci again.  Only now he is not waiting for a Beatle outside of his hotel room, instead he is an important person in his city of Boston and still a major fan of the Fabs.   He was fortunate to meet Ringo Starr, in this story that he shares on the "Ringo close Encounters" site.

In 1995, I was a member of the Boston City Council. I got a resolution passed by the Council declaring the day of Ringo's stop in Boston "RINGO STARR DAY"
(Picture of John Nucci and Ringo at right)
Of course, I contacted Ringo's promoter's office and told her that I would like to present it backstage. Amazingly, she said 'yes' right away and arranged for me and a photographer to go backstage minutes before the show.
Ringo came out of his trailer and was great! He thanked me for my resolution and asked me that since it was RINGO STARR DAY, "..does anybody get a holiday?" (Of course they don't) we both had a laugh.
I gave him a copy of my "Sentimental Journey" LP to sign. He wrote "WOW!! Ringo '95" across the cover. He also signed a copy of the resolution and a program for me.
I told him I collected Beatle memorabilia from the '60's and have a pretty big collection. He was real interested in what I had and said he wishes he had "some of that stuff". He said, "Ohh, if we only knew, eh?" about the crazy prices being asked these days.
We shook hands, took a few pictures and off he went.
I also met Preston and got Entwhistle's signature. Great evening!!

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