Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spending time with Mickey Mouse!

One of my biggest loves after the Beatles is all things Disney.  It is now my spring break (thank goodness!) and I am taking off for Orlando, Florida and Walt Disney World!  Yippie!   I am excited because I am leaving my computer and cell phone at home and just going to enjoy my time away.   So that means no updates on "Meet the Beatles for Real" for about a week.  

I have taken off the moderating of the comments so that people can comment easily.   I hope not to come back and find a bunch of spam and unkind comments.    But if that happens, I will clean it up. 

Paul and Bea were just at Disney World earlier this year.   I believe that Nancy's son goes to school in the Orlando area.   I would just die if they were back again while I was there (it is a long shot but not totally impossible!  Everywhere I go I am on on the Beatle look-out, aren't you?)

Have a great week everyone!  Talk to you soon.  Sara S.


  1. They were at Disney in February - I just missed them! When I was at Animal Kingdom (on a Friday) a woman working at the Safari saw my Paul McCartney concert t-shirt and said, "He was here on Tuesday!" She apparently just missed getting to be the one driving him around all day. Some guy named Charles was the lucky one. And Charles said, "Nice to meet you, Sir Paul!" and Paul said, "Nice to meet you, Sir Charles" and called him that for the rest of the day! He was apparently very nice and had Nancy and two kids with him. (Maybe Bea and Nancy's son?) Later in the day, someone else who spotted my shirt told me that Paul also ate at an Italian place at Magic Kingdom.

  2. Sara ~ Enjoy your Spring Break! While you're in Orlando, make sure to visit the Hard Rock. They have some great John Lennon memorabilia hanging on the walls. :-)