Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Walking into EMI

These are some pretty well known photos of "the Threetles" walking into EMI studios in 1968. In two of the photos you can see the fans waiting at the gate. In Ringo's it looks like they are being talked to by some official people. But they aren't there in George's photo. Where did they go?

I think that many of us had this image in our minds that EMI was like Apple in that the fans just sat on the steps while the Beatles came and went. In reality, the fans most often did not get that close to the front of the studio. They had to wait back by the gates. Today that area is filled with messages from Beatle fans from around the world and is painted over frequently.


  1. Sara..we more often than not stood on the steps of EMI too. There were occasions that the gates were closed. It all depended I suppose on how many fans were there. I remember being in there on the steps more often than standing outside the gates. Happy New Year from a Regular and a Scruff.

  2. I guess the order is as follows:
    Ringo is taken there in that large black car, which is then parked at the right wall.
    Paul comes shortly after that (the black car is parked but the officials are still talking to the fans).
    The officialy probably told the fans to go away and there is noting more to see. Wrong!
    When George arrives (in his mini I guess) they left and thus missed him.
    Certainly it could be that George was the first just as well and there were simply no fans there yet.

  3. There are still some fans behind the car and motorbike. Could be that George was last in and we had started to congregate at the middle of the wall where we could see them going in and out of the control room. Wish I could see a larger version of these pics...I recognise one of the girls and would know the others I'm sure, very likely that I'm there too...and the closing of the gates also depended on which security guard was on duty.

  4. i'm pretty sure the gates were always open in 1967. i don't remember standing outside much either.