Thursday, January 12, 2012

Paperback writer school girl

Some school girls near where The Beatles were making the promos for Paperback Writer and Rain were trying to get onto the set. This particular girl was successful and got especially close to John and George (see the smaller photo that Beatle Book Monthly didn't print).


  1. What a fantastic website - It just happens this is my mum with the beatles and I have been searching for a high quality image to have printed for her... Please send through if you have any more. I will send you my email address.
    Thank you! E

  2. This is fantastic! I've been searching for a high quality image of this.....
    It's a photograph of my mum... she has a great story to tell about how she spent the day with them. Let me know if you would like her to share and I will forward her this link. Please send me any high res images you have of this... many thanks!

  3. Hi Emily, you should try and track down a copy of the Beatles Monthly No. 36 (July 1966) - there's a great pic of your mum with the Fabs on page 10. There's a few copies on eBay at the moment.
    Good luck and I can't wait to hear your mum's story.