Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kodak Moments

My co-worker Michele (who saw the Beatles in St. Louis in 1966!) found this on CNN today and wanted me to see it. Thanks Michele. It is so great to have friends looking out for Beatles things for me.

CNN iReport contributor Lynn Kordus found that out the hard way. As a 17-year-old fan of the Beatles, it was only in her wildest dreams that she would attend their concert. Hanging out with them in their dressing room was unfathomable -- until 1965.

"My most memorable Kodak moment has got to be the day I spent 30 minutes with the Beatles," she told CNN iReport.

Her Kodak Instamatic camera in hand, Kordus went backstage to meet the Fab Four in Bloomington, Minnesota. She realized too late that her one flashcube -- a disposable flash that had four one-time-use flashbulbs -- was missing a bulb. Her father had gone back to the car to get another cube but didn't return before Kordus was whisked backstage.

She took photos of John Lennon flipping through a magazine, Ringo Starr acting goofy and George Harrison in the shower room tuning a guitar before her flashcube ran out of juice. She said Paul McCartney -- her favorite Beatle at the time -- looked around for an extra but couldn't find one. They took the photo anyway; the florescent lights brightened the room plenty.

A problem of the film age: Not realizing until too late that the image would be underexposed.

Without the additional light from the flash, the photo was too dark and didn't turn out. Her photo set with the Beatles was incomplete.

"My loss," she said. But having those other images made the surreal experience come to life. Not only did she have proof of her visit for others to see, but she said it was also validating for her: "It really did happen."

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