Monday, December 19, 2011

the kid in a kilt

I would have to guess that these photos were taken when the Beatles toured Scotland. Why else would someone dress a young boy in a kilt to meet the Beatles? Notice that they are sitting on some sort of an ice cream freezer?


  1. Pretty sure this is when The Beatles came to Edinburgh (where yours truly is from). I'm at work so I can't check if this was from April or October 64 (may even be way off with those two dates).

    Here's a link to a really cool page with colour photos of the fans waiting outside the cinema where the gig was (hence the ice cream machine in those lobby photos); the page also has scans of local press, tickets, etc:

    I can assure you that we don't all walk about in kilts here- the poor kid's friends were probably all waiting outside in jeans! Still, I'd have worn one if I got to meet The Beatles... :)

    (forgive me if your photos are from Glasgow, there are certainly very similar ones taken in Edinburgh- will check up after work).

  2. April 29th, 1964, Edinburgh ABC Regal Cinema.

    Weird seeing The Beatles somewhere familiar- I used to go to that cinema years later as a kid and it was pretty run down by then, before it was renovated. Probably wasn't too disimilar to when they'd played there.

    I remember admonishing my Mum years ago when I found out The Beatles played Edinburgh & she didn't go. She did see the Rolling Stones the year after though, at the Usher Hall, just down the road from this venue. Pretty good consolation! :)

  3. If I were the kid, I will forever remember this event in my life. Wearing you favorite mens kilts together with your dearest artists is something you want to remember for the rest of your life.