Sunday, May 8, 2011

Meeting the Lennons

Chances are most of you have seen this on what I like to lovely think of as my "sister blog" The Beatles photo Blog
Well I thought it fit in over here at Meet the Beatles ... for Real and the beautiful Miss Tammy has even asked me why I haven't posted it yet. So I just copy and pasted it.

November 197(8?). (ed. by Sara: I am almost certain the year was 1977 because I have a photo of Julian from his visit to NYC in winter of 1977 wearing the same red winter coat) Freezing cold, doorman tips me off “Joe, he’s on his way down”. I’m over on 39th. Sped over to Dakota. No one on the street! Huge snow drifts. Double park the car still running. John walks out of entrance towards me smiling with cigarette. Slips on ice! I help him up, we laugh. I am rambling on like a nervous Ralph Kramden, but he’s cool and we’re making small talk about music & living in NY. I ask him where he’s going. He says “some party, I don’t even really want to go”. Limo pulls up. I say “What are ‘ya crazy, I’ll drive you”. He cracks up again. Too nervous to remember to ask him for an autograph. I take one shot of him quick waving before the smile. Damn! I had about 5 minutes with the man. He was so NY friendly. I’ll never forget that meet. He was murdered right where we were standing. I still can’t believe it. Two years later I wrote a song about it. It’s posted. Man, do I miss his genius. I love that guy.

Ran into Yoko on Central Park West. First thing I immediately remember thinking was “Wow, Yoko’s somewhat of a babe!” She was very sweet & signed an autograph for me.

Had lunch with Julian & his bodyguard (This would probably be Nishi) on 72nd. Nice kid. Polite. Surprised that his Japanese bodyguard was only a little taller than him. I asked him where he was headed after lunch. He said “To see a guy play my dad in the Beatlemania show”.

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