Friday, April 1, 2011

The end of Paul and Jane

Here is a "well loved" fan photo of Paul and a happy fan. When I saw this photo, I thought "wow THAT is what that shirt that Paul is wearing when the press asks him about he and Jane's breakup looks like in color." I do not think that these photos were taken on the same day. But they were taken within the same time period in summer of '68. Paul was at his father's house. The evening before, Jane had announced on the BBC that she and Paul were not longer engaged. Notice the paper in Paul's hand? That is the scrap of paper that Paul autographed for the fan. Both the autograph and the photo is in an auction by Tracks right now.

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  1. lovely photos and story! i don't know why, but i don't recall seeing that shirt. after my friend denise came back to rio, i had to keep precise notes of what paul was wearing and what he said each day, to write her and let her know, so i paid a lot of attention to his clothes - i guess this is the period i was back home in rio in mid 1968. they were 10-page letters, written almost daily. unfortunately, she threw them all away ages ago, without asking me if i wanted them... i was devastated! we would have METICULOUS detail if i still had those letters, better than anyone's diaries!