Monday, January 31, 2011

My Day with Paul Mccartney

I am surprised that I didn't find this page earlier in my hunt for all things about people meeting the Beatles. I love how adorable little James McCartney looks in the photos.

Written by Corey Levitan
Paul McCartney and I were pals. For 10 minutes in 1984.

I was 19 and, shall we say, not a winner in the game of life. (Observe the mullet haircut and Just Shirts outfit from the mall. Even McCartney, who rocked a mullet for 10 years, knew enough to ditch it by 1984.)

It was my first trip to England and my sightseeing priorities were straight. Stonehenge, schmonehenge. I needed to cross Abbey Road, like the album cover. I was a Beatles nut.

">Please click here to read the entire story. It is very well written and well worth your time to read.


  1. I hate you! LOL

    Seriously, great experience and neat write up. I'm envious.

  2. Yeah the guy who wrote this did a really nice job!

  3. I am happy with this arrangement now. Thanks, Sara. For me, meeting Paul ALMOST made up for not meeting John. I grew up in the New York City and in Sept. 1980, that almost happened -- until my friend Gary insisted that we couldn't wait another mere hour for John to come back to the Dakota (like the security guard promised us he would) because Gary's mom wouldn't pick us up from the railroad station after midnight. It's all in this Lennon tribute/vigil story from 2000...

  4. What a funny, charming, well-written story! The Ultimate Beatle Nerd Fantasy. Thanks for sharing that! Paul looks adorable... and slightly toasted. ;-)

  5. lol ~ I just read your Lennon story too, Corey... now it makes sense why that was such an exceptionally enjoyable Meet a Beatle story... hadn't realized you were a professional writer! The Lennon piece was also great, btw.