Tuesday, February 1, 2011

John and the hippie fan from Imagine

Snowed/iced in today and the movie Imagine was on Vh1 Classics. Now I have this wonderful movie on DVD (and VHS) but for some reason I got sucked into watching it on TV with commericals. One of my favorite fan meeting moments has to be this lovely hippie guy that is shown in the film. He somehow thinks that some of the Beatles songs are deeply written for him, and John sets him straight. And then invited him in for food! Everytime I watch this it just amazes me.

Now there are people online that believe this hippie guy is the exact same one that is in another video (David Frost maybe) where questions are being asked from the audience. I do not think they are the same guy.


  1. hi sara
    why did you put the video with subtitles in spanish? are you learning the language?
    regards from mexico ..luis

  2. Luis, I did not put the subtitles on there. Whoever loaded the video clip to youtube did that. I still only know English and a tad bit of French.

  3. They are absolutely not the same guy. Watch the clips side by side, and you'll see all they have in common is a similar hairstyle and eye/skin coloring. The Dick Cavett audience member has a longer face/jaw, a slight NY accent, and his voice cracks. The vagrant hippie is more soft-spoken without the accent, sounds like he could be more from California, and more importantly, top to bottom, his face is shorter and the jaw shape is different.