Friday, January 14, 2011

Glasgow '65

It isn't very often that you can find photos taken during the Beatles 1965 Tour. Our good friend at the WogBlog posted a link to this awesome auction that is selling photos that were taken on Dec 3, 1965 in Glasgow at a press conference. Most of the photos that have previously been seen from this press conference show Paul wearing a really long tie and John blowing his nose on it. These photos are a little more on the serious side.


  1. Hello Sara ! Where did u found those WONDERFUL pictures of Maureen at the Grapefruit party ? I love them ! xoxo

  2. The top picture shows clearly how different and outragous The Beatles' haistyle really was then. We now see it as nothing remarkable, but the majority of men in those days wore their hair like the man with the drink. Paul was truly a "longhair" by the standards of the day. :)

  3. wob: The Grapefruit photos came from that bound book I talked about a few posts down from this one. There are a ton of Teen magazines from the 60's, but I am not sure what is what. I scanned the photos from there.