Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coming out

While searching the internet for information to share with you all for this blog, I often find interesting things that I didn't even know.

In 1976, Ringo played drums on the Manhattan Transfer's album called "Coming out." The song he plays on is called "Zindy Lou"and it was first released in 1955 by the Chimes (I would guess that Ringo heard this version at the time).

I located these photos of Ringo with the band recording the song and working on it in the studio. I had never seen these before and so I thought I would share them. Ringo's "fake tux" shirt always makes me laugh.

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  1. Do recall first picture,note Clapton on Bongos and Dr John bottom right,from 70s music paper but is it Manhattan T session picture? And coincidentally they were all at "Last Waltz"(not from there obviously re RSs hairstyle differs)where Ron Wood had the same "Style" shirt as Ringos.
    Not a million "styles" away from Georges shirt at Mad Day Out.