Saturday, December 25, 2010

So this is Christmas and what have you done?

I want to take this time to wish each and every one of you who are regular readers of the "Meet the Beatles .... for real!" blog a very Happy Christmas. I honestly am so blessed to have so many wonderful people who contribute and participate in this blog. And even those of you who are just lurkers (yes I know you are out there), I appreciate you taking the time to check out the blog when you have a chance. I hope all of you have found some happiness from the Beatles photos I have posted over the past year. I will always be amazed by the stories people have shared with me about how this blog has helped them get back into contact with a long, lost Beatle friend. When I started sharing my collection of fan taken Beatles photos, I never thought it would have such a nice impact on the Beatles online community.
To Miss Tammy: Thank you for your wonderful blog and for posting photos for me to take and post here. Your humor as well as your love for the Beatles is always puts a smile on my face.
To Lizzie: Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your personal stories of the boys with us. You have been such an wonderful addition to this project. I can't thank you enough.
To Gina: I really want to thank you for posting so many photos on ebay without watermarks and not minding that I post them here. Your collection of photos are a treasure, and I am glad you are happy to share them.
To the anonymous Apple Scruff: Thanks for posting comments that help us all set the records straight. So many rumors and stories have been told incorrectly over the years, that is really nice to have your help.
To Ken Wood: You have been such a great Beatles pal over the years. Keep up the great work on the photo dating! :)
To Bruno: Thank you for the pictures!
To Pablo: I am so glad you won and received the Paul book. It couldn't have gone to a nicer guy.
To Mark, talanca, a car and a room, Gary, winston..... thanks for all of the comments. I read them all!
And now a little thought before I sign off. John and Yoko had their famous "War is over (if you want it)" campaign. To me that means so much more than a war that is fought by soldiers, but the war that each of us has in ourselves. Make 2011 the year that you find peace in yourself and forgive someone that has wronged you. Reach out to the family member that you haven't spoken to for years because of an argument. For me personally that means that it is time for me to let go of the pain that happened in my life 3 years ago today. How can we ever expect to have peace on earth if we can't find it within ourselves? Just something to think about as we go into a new year. Happy Holidays to us all. Love always, Sara S. aka Starshyne


  1. Merry Christmas to an exquisite blogger (and im not joking :D) I love it here, I read and learn new things, occasionally take pictures heehee !! Thanks a lot, have a lot of fun, gifts & Christmas pleasure !! Please continue this blog forever heheheh xxxxxxx u are always welcome on Women Of the Beatles :D

  2. Sara- thanks for this wonderful blog & all the incredible pictures you post. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and here's to a wonderful 2011!

  3. Dear Sara, thank you for your kind comment and please know that it has been MY pleasure to "chat" with you & your readers over this year. I check your blog every morning when I open my MacBook and am like a little kid waiting to see if there's anything "new"! Keep up the great work! I have been thinking of things I would like to change about my life in this coming year, and I WILL make some changes for the better. All the best to everyone!

  4. Wise and nice words! Happy Christmas to you and everybody here too as well!

  5. This is a favored place to come and see new things. Your work is a delight. Thank, Merry Christmas, and God bless us, everyone.

  6. Thank you Sara for your kind words, I will continue to hover on this great blog and right any wrongs! Anon Apple Scruff

  7. I too will continue to 'hover' and do likewise!! Another Anon Apple Scruff :)

  8. very nice blog!
    thanks for your work!
    Adriano - Brazil