Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fan mail

I just located this photo of the Beatles backstage at Southport (UK) which was taken somewhere between Aug 26-31 1963. John does not look too thrilled about the fan mail. The two girls in the photo are supposedly reporters.


  1. wow! very good blog! you have got photos that I never saw before...
    I follow you! ;D

  2. Here in Southport we have been trying to establish just WHO the two ladies are; we agree, we think they were reporters (?). I am trying to complete my book on the Beatles in Southport - all and ANY links/connections - so if anyone can help me it would be VERY appreciated. Love your blog!!!!

    1. Oh I am interesting in your Southport book (as I have written a Beatles in St. Louis book and love those types of books!). I still don't know who the 2 girls are, but maybe someone out there does.