Sunday, December 5, 2010

Prezies for JOhn

Shame this photo has to be covered in watermarks. Anyone have a clean version? According to the ebay auction, the year is 1970 and it is John's birthday! George is seen bringing birthday gifts to his friend.


  1. Am I correct in saying that the track "It's Johnny's Birthday" stuck on the end of "All Things Must Pass" was recorded by George for Lennon's 30th Birthday?

    If so, that could well be what's inside the EMITape box George is holding.

  2. Yes, you gotta be right! George and Ringo presented John with this song on his birthday at EMI studios IIRC.

  3. Fortunately there is audio of the surprise visit to the studio (John was recording for the POB with Ringo and Klaus).
    Can I share the recording?