Thursday, July 15, 2010

Diana the luckiest secretary in the world!

Several days ago I posted a really beautiful photo of George, Paul and Ringo with a pretty young girl. One of our favorite blog contributor, Bruno, emailed me this week with some information about that young girl. Her name is Diana Vero and she worked for Brian Epstein. During the summer of 1964 she toured America with The Beatles as their touring secretary! What an awesome job! Bruno sent me this article about her (which I typed up so you all can easily read it) from the August 27, 1964 issue of the Daily Express as well as a black and white photograph. Very neat. Thanks Bruno!!!!!!

The world's most envied teenager stood in the Hollywood sunshine in a sleek one piece swimsuit, ready to dive into the deep end of an ice-blue Hollywood pool.

Waiting for her in the water were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

"I can't believe it," 19 year old Diana Vero told me. "I must be dreaming."

Then with a shout of "But it must be true!" she arched her back and plunged into the water to join her bosses -- The Beatles.

Brown haired Diana from Atherstone, Warwickshire works for manager Brian Epstein in the Beatles' London headquarters. Twenty-four hours before the Liverpool quartet set out on their second American tour she was told "get packed. You're coming too as touring secretary."

Diana who earns 12 pounds a week, climbed out of the pool and told me, "I'm the luckiest girl in the world. There are thousands of girls in England - in fact all over the world - who would give their right arm to be in my shoes."

"I've always been a fans of the Beatles, but I never thought I'd be touring America with them."

"It's a dream. Every morning - whether it is Las Vegas, Vancouver or Hollywood - I pinch myself to make sure I'm not still asleep."

Since the start of the tour she has had hardly any sleep. But she looks as fresh as if she had just stepped out of a beauty salon.

"It's the job that makes me glow," she said, "even though it's crazy. We're rushing form one city to another at breakneck speed, and I'm taking dictation in planes, cars and even hotel lifts."

Diana checks all arrangements for accommodations and attends to the Beatles' fan mail.

"The boys like to answer as many letters as they can and on the plane I sit next to them in turn, getting replies down as quickly as possible."

Like all good secretaries she is ready to keep her bosses clam and fight off intruders.

"Often I have to persuade the fans to let the boys get a little rest. Then they all ask me how I got my job." she said.

"I suppose that,like all secretaries, I boss my bosses a little. And mother them."

"When Paul gets a headache on the plane, I'm the one with the aspirins and the glass of water."

"He's always grateful."

"But I never get to hold his hand."


  1. very much like the articles & update on Diana - good job Sara!

  2. 😎 i rmbr reading abt this story yes ago lucky girl great memories👏🏼