Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rocky Raccoon?

I located a "new" Paul McCartney fan photo online. The photo and the caption are from a Russian Beatles page. To my surprise, the person who posted it, posted this comment in English!

The fan photo was snapped on the 13th of August 1968 by a 18 year old Beatles fan Egil Gjerde, and speculation is that this might be the accordion from "Rocky Raccoon" on The Beatles (White Album). The song was recorded August 15th. The accordion player on Rocky Raccoon has never been documented, maybe this is the one!

It is a really neat photo because you don't always see Paul McCartney leaving Cavendish holding an accordion!


  1. This was first posted on WogBlog, and the english quoted text was by me.

  2. Oh hi Wogew! I must have missed this posted on your blog (which is odd because I check it out on a regular basis). Isn't it strange where these photos pop up online?

    Anyhow....thanks for posting it in the first place!

  3. In that alternate accordian shot much later in this blog one can see a writing on Paul`s gate - I saw this in other photos too and wonder what it said, who put it on and how long it stayed there.