Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not getting George's autograph

Caption: "George (right in 1977) with Elton John's percussionist Ray Cooper when George attended one of Elton's gigs in Paris"

You may have noticed that whenever I see a photo, I like to imagine what is happening in the photograph. This is a great example of that. You see a woman here getting an autograph. However, she is NOT getting the autograph of George Harrison as you would expect. Instead she is getting the autograph of Elton John's percussionist. Hmmm. Here is my guess on this one. She got George to sign for her before the photo was snapped. Then realizing who the person with George was, and not wanting to be rude, she asked Ray Cooper to also sign. Surely she did not leave that opportunity with just Ray Coopers autograph, you think?

Regardless I really like this photo of George. He looks relaxed and happy. I think the mid-1970's were a good time for Mr. Harrison.

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  1. Exclamation Mike!March 14, 2014 at 4:05 PM

    This is an old post I know, but I shall weigh in!

    1.) This photo is taken at an Elton John concert
    2.) Ray Cooper was in the Elton John band....not only that, he was the most visible MEMBER of Elton John's band, as he would make all sorts of passionate faces, what we'd call a "guitar face", except he was playing percussion, rattling a tambourine and hitting the conga drum.
    3) Since this woman is attending the Elton John show, she no doubt was aware of who he was. (also, on the back of every Elton John album would be photographs of all the members of his band - anyone who bought an Elton John album in the 70s would know who Ray Cooper is).
    3.) It could even be that the two girls don't even recognize George! I would doubt that, but by 1977 George was keeping a much lower profile, changed his look many times, and Elton John was one of the biggest superstars in music at that point. So it could be that the girls were singularly focused on Ray Cooper!

    4.) When I went to see "Concert For George" in the movie theatre (it played in NYC), I went with a buddy of mine. As soon as Ray Cooper popped up on the screen, my buddy exclaimed (while laughing) "Hey! It's that guy!!!!"....and for the rest of the movie every time Ray would pop on the screen, we'd start howling with laughter! That guy sure rattle a tambourine, Davy Jones got nothing on him!