Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Magical Mystery Tour party

I want to thank Susan for emailing me such a lovely letter and the photos of her autographs. The Beatles fan club meetings are so interesting, and it is so kind of you to share your memories of meeting John and George at the time of Magical Mystery tour with me and the readers of this blog.

Here is the email Susan sent....

I was most surprised to be shown a photograph of myself on your website showing John Lennon signing my EP of the Magical Mystery Tour. Thought you might be interested to know that as an Area Secretary of the Beatles Fan Club we were invited to a private screening of the film, which had just been released. The date was Sunday, 17 December 1967 and it was shown at the Film & Art Theatre, Hanover Grand in London.

I took my EP with me in the hope of getting it autographed. John Lennon and George Harrison were the only two of the Beatles there that day and I am the one with the long hair and glasses in the photograph of John Lennon signing the record. The photograph then appeared in the February 1968 copy of the Beatles Monthly magazine.

As an inveterate hoarder I am still in possession of all the correspondence and memorabilia from that time. I still have the invitation, the EP and magazine, which I have photographed together and which I will try to email to you. I was the Area Secretary for Herefordshire to start with and my name then was Susan Ward. The Fan Club had secretaries for each of the British counties and towards the end of the time the Beatles were together I was also responsible for several other counties.

You are obviously a very keen Beatles fan and you have a very impressive library of photographs. I was a teenager when the Beatles first became famous and have remained a fan ever since.

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