Friday, October 9, 2009

Ringo the Bad Boy

In the late 1970's Ringo released a forgettable album called "Bad Boy." Here are some photos taken at the release party.


  1. It ain't a "forgettable album" !!
    It's rather gettable actually.

  2. My mom would be ashamed to know that I called it "forgettable" because she loves all of Ringo's albums. I guess it was just forgettable to me, because I never listen to it. Sorry!

  3. Forgiven.
    I love all 4 of the Fabs, and their solo output . . right thru all The Beatlegs . . but even I think "Ringo The 4th" was more about the partying then the recording. That was the peak period of jet-setting for Mr. Starkey afterall.
    There's a few great things on "4th", but some was seemingly "cranked-out".

    I'm indeed a 1st-Gen fan, and, as you've spoken eloquently about your "removed perspective", it makes me wonder what it's like to catch-up on everything when it's all there in one huge block.
    For folks like me, each solo album was awaited, like "Oh boy, it's been 2 years since Ringo's last album . . . what's he up to now ?"
    What must it be like to confront it all at once ?

  4. You're not wrong, "Bad Boy" isn't great moments in music.

    But....."I Wanna Be Santa Claus".....that's got to be one of the top Beatle solo albums of all time! Now there's an underrated album! (maybe it's the attack on George that quickly overshadowed it....)