Friday, October 9, 2009

John and Yoko 1970 with short hair

I am sure many disagree with me, but I think both John and Yoko looked cute with the super short hair they had in early 1970. If you recall your Beatles / John Lennon history, you will remember that John and Yoko cut their hair short in February 1970 to raise money for peace and the black community. On Feb 4, 1970 on the famed Apple rooftop, the couple held a ceremony for the press where they said they were going to aution off their long hair that had recently been cut.
I guess John didn't mind the super short look because he cut his hair even shorter in 1973. Yoko, however has had long hair ever since. There aren't many (if any) photos of them in the in-between hair stages because they went to California for their primal screaming and when they came out, the hair had grown quite a bit. Still fan photos with both of them having short hair from early 1970 are hard to find, so I was excited that I found a new one! (*the one where they are holding hands)

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  1. I LOVE this look! and I'm a major John fan <33