Friday, September 11, 2009

Remebering 9-11--01

I am not sure how people around the world feel every year on this date, but for me it is a deep feeling of sorrow as I remember the awful things that occured eight years ago today. I never thought Iwould live in such a world where humans would purposely kill so many other humans.

As we can see in John Lennon's fan encounters in New York in the 1970's and in 1980, John had a deep love for New York City. I hate to pretend like I know how he would have acted if he had been with us on 9-11-01, but I somehow think he would have worked in some way to help people. And I would like to think that maybe he and Paul would have gotten the Concert for New York organized together and would have even performed to raise money. Who knows?

These photos of John and Yoko at the World Trade Center have put a lump in my throat since the terrorist attacks. The Trade Center was being built at the time the photos were taken (1972 I believe) and you can see yellow working tape (for a better word for it) around them. The placement of that yellow tape is very eeary.

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