Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Number 9....Number 9....Number 9..... Shameless Plug time!

If this photo was taken today, we would see John typing away on his blog....

In celebration of 09-09-09 and how it is a Beatles Day for us all, I thought I would give you all who check out this blog on a regular or semi-regular basis the chance to shamelessly plug your own blogs, websites or causes. It would be awesome if these were Beatles related, but it is alright if they aren't.

The two websites I want you all to join and enjoy are:

The solo Beatles photo forum

I am the admin. and founder of this site, and it has TONS and TONS of photos of the former Beatles from 1970-the present day. Everything is organized by year and I am always working on it. So why haven't you joined???

Beatles Day by Day forum

Wizz is the person who actually started this site, but I am a mod there and add photos often. This forum is even better organized than the solo one. Each photo is placed into the right year and month and then day. It is great!!

So go ahead and leave a comment telling us all about YOUR blog or website!


  1. Re Beatlesdaybyday
    I have tried numerous times to view,access,join, participate in above.
    I have got nowhere!!
    The last time left my email address and new user name it did not like username so changed it, it liked that but then said my email address could not be used.Tell it to hotmail as I have had it awhile.
    A friend advised against it as each attempt showed there was only one user online which was probably me!!!
    If you wish me to join please advise?

  2. I've joined both, they're absolutely great
    very very useful, it's great of you to organise the mess of millions of Beatles photos on the Internet <3