Sunday, August 16, 2009

What is this?

I was going through one of my flash drives and found this photo. I know it isn't a fan photo, but what is it? What year is it? Who is with Paul? Anyone know anything about this picture?


  1. march or april 1974, but fot which recording session ? if it's in London, it's for Let's love backing tracks recording at Abbey road, but if it's at LA , it could be during the first Harry Nilsson sessions with John ? have you more infos on this great photo ?

  2. I thought Paul revisited the Sgt. Pepper look in 1975 during the Euro leg of Wings Across the World? I'd guess that he is either working on the mixing of what became Wings Over America ... or not!

    Madelyn W.

  3. I think that is from 1974 in Los Angeles.
    The other guy looks familiar, but I have to research a little bit more ...

  4. Looks like Chick Corea.