Help Sara out with her newest book!

Hello Beatle people!

As you may have heard, I am working on my 2nd book.   This book is going to be the story of the Beatles fan clubs in North America.   Right now I am not focusing on the UK clubs.

The story of the U.S. clubs is one that has never been told and I think it is about time.   I am not just writing about the official Beatles fan club, but the independent and radio station clubs as well.   It is going to be as complete of a picture as I can get of fan club activity in the United States and Canada from 1963-1972.

My plan is to make a nice hardbacked book with a LOT of photographs (color photos as well) of documents, memorabilia and of course pictures.      This will most likely be a "collector's book" and will be a bit pricey because I want everything to be high quality, but I will find out about that later.

If you have any stories or memorabilia about the United States Beatles fan clubs, either official or independent, please contact me at

Keep checking back to hear about updates on the book!


  1. My dream will be know Paul McCartney...

  2. Hi Sarah my name is Jeff I live in Central Florida I've recently decided to sell my Alan Aldridge original artwork that I've been in possession of for several years I was interested in if you were wanting to picture his artwork in your new efforts with your book about the Beatles

  3. Hi Sarah, my name is Leslie I am designer from Liverpool and would welcome the opportunity to be involved in the design and artwork of your book if I may? Regards Leslie

  4. Hi Sarah Leslie from Liverpool here again, do you or any of your visitors have any photographs from the Beatles final British concert in Cardiff 12 December 1965. Thank you Leslie

  5. Hi, good luck on your book. I was eleven when I met George and John at a friend's house on the northeast side of Oahu. My sisters were local fan club members there in Kailua. I'm now 67. Yeah Yeah Yeah