Sara's book: Happiness is Seeing the Beatles - Beatlemania in St. Louis

Why did Paul McCartney call the 1966 concert at Busch Stadium in St. Louis “the worst little gig the Beatles ever played?”    Find out the true story behind the concert as well as other events of Beatlemania in St. Louis through the stories and memories of fans and insiders.    Rare photographs and memorabilia from 1963-2015 will help you remember why you fell in love with the Fab 4.    

What are others saying about "Happiness is Seeing the Beatles?"

"Sara Schmidt blends vintage photographs and fan stories into delicious narratives worthy of a Sgt. Pepper salute! B/W reputable sources, her blog had turned Beatles fans once again into mushy, rabid teenagers who are feeling "ga-ga" all over again." Lanea Stagg, Recipe Records Cookbook Series 

"Sara Schmidt has done a lot of detailed research on The Beatles' concert in St. Louis. Interviews with eyewitness fans brings the thrilling concert to life for readers to enjoy." --  Jim Berkenstadt (The Rock And Roll Detective) Author of  "The Beatle Who Vanished"

Can't wait for Sara's anthology of The Beatles in St. Louis-She really knows her stuff and her book will be the definitive account!    Chuck Gunderson  Author of  Some Fun Tonight!

“I’d travel all the way from Cleveland to read Sara’s book!” - Dave Schwensen, author of “The Beatles In Cleveland” and “The Beatles At Shea Stadium”

"Sara's blog has always been a source of inspiration. I can only imagine how great her book is going to be."
 --Axel korinth -co-author of A is for Apple

"happiness is READING and SEEING the FAB FOUR…. the great accomplishment is a labor of love…..a passion…SARA's enthusiasm is INFECTIOUS!…..a win win for ALL BEATLE FANS AROUND THE WORLD!" -- Dave Morrell Author of Horse Doggin'

Sara has been doing an amazing job on her blog, a great service to so many Beatle fans all over the world, so I'm sure her book will be just as good.-- Lizzie Bravo Author of From Rio to Abbey road

"As a long time fan and avid reader of Sara's meetthebeatlesforreal blog I love to uncover some fresh, juicy titbit of Beatles information that I never knew existed.  And she always delivers."  - Ivor Davis author of "The Beatles and Me"

About the Author::

Sara Schmidt is a 2nd generation Beatles fan who runs the popular blog, “Meet the Beatles..for Real.”  She has spoken at Beatles conventions and has written articles about the Beatles for several publications.  Sara lives in Alton, Illinois where she also works as an Elementary school Title 1 reading teacher.   When she isn’t doing Beatles stuff, she enjoys singing and acting in her local community theater.

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  1. Sara,
    I just finished your book! I love it!!! keep up the great work
    On the greatest rock ever produced

    1. She dont realize she actually met the original PAUL MCCARTNEY , That is 100% who JOHN HALIDAY the host is !! i know its sounds far fethched, but go on you tube & just type his name in the search bar & watch the videos

    2. This is insane -- - John Haliday was a drunken guy that was the custodian at Forthlin Avenue. He thought he looked like a McCartney.

  2. First concert I ever went to was The Beatles at Busch Stadium.Saw
    McCartney there a few years ago also.Missed his most recent show...

    1. Have you read my book? If you were at the concert at Busch Stadium, you will love it.

  3. Dear Sara,
    I was 8 years old when I saw the Beatles at Busch Stadium. I am now 58. I just spent over an hour writing you an email and you had it posted someplace as "" --and it bounced back. Ugg. I can't write it again --but if you still need to talk to more people please feel free to contact me at the following email.. drwendy.eisenberg7@gmail.com__. I promise mine will work. I have lots of memories and up close pics from my cousins who got a press pass. I remember the rain -cats and dogs...soaking rain. And a bunch more. I just can't spend another hour right now. I put my all into it. Included a lot of STL gossip in case you were from STL and I see now that you are from Alton-I grew up in Ladue. Good luck to you. You should fix that email address, Regards,
    Wendy Spector Eisenberg, Ph.D.