Monday, July 1, 2024

Liverpool Bound


Hello Beatle friends!

Tomorrow, I am leaving for England! I will spend time in Liverpool and a few days in London.  I will be speaking at the Beatles Symposium at Hope University in Liverpool for their 60th-anniversary celebration of A Hard Day's Night.   (So if any visitor of this site will also be there -- please say hello!)

I have been working hard over the weekend to schedule posts as usual while I am gone, so you will still see things as expected.  However, I might not be quick to accept comments.  Please remember that I am 100% alone on this site.  There is no team of moderators or anything like that as they have on a Facebook group or other sites.  It is just me who does everything here, so if you comment and you do not see it posted right away, it does not mean that I did not accept your comment.  It just means I haven't seen it yet because I am a Beatles fan in Liverpool and too busy.   I am sure you all understand that because you would be doing the same things.  Please be patient with me over the next couple of weeks. 

I will return with a report of events in Liverpool and as always I will be keeping my eye out for Paul (because you just never know -- as this site has proven)  



  1. Thanks for everything, Sara, from the very first glimpse of MtBFR to today's post. Have a great time In the 'Pool and may your trip yield JPM results.

  2. Sara, have a great time! Bruce Spizer from New Orleans will be there - tell him hello!