Sunday, June 2, 2024

In memory of Tony Bramwell


It is sad to hear of the death of Tony Bramwell today.   I knew he had been sick recently, but I thought he was on the mend.   Tony was a Liverpudlian who was originally an office boy with NEMS, so he knew the Beatles from the beginning.   He was there for many big Beatles events, including All You Need is Love, Sgt Pepper Recording sessions, and Penny Lane promo filming.  Tony seemed to be especially close to Paul and took great photographs during the "Dirty Weekend" in L.A. in 1968.  

Tony was a very outspoken Beatles insider who told it like he saw it, which was appreciated by fans.  He was someone who told his story many times in Beatles documentaries, and he wrote a book about his experience.   He had a strong presence on Facebook and his stories will be missed by Beatle fans everywhere. 


  1. Sorry to hear Tony has Gone, he was always pretty cool! RIP = For Tony That is Rest in Partyland. He was always the life!

  2. I met Tony on several occasions and always found him to be full of information about his time with The Beatles. He signed his book 'Magical Mystery Tour' for me with George's signature, thus reflecting all the work he once did for the fan club. What a guy!

  3. Tony always left out his few months as part of the first Ford Halewood Craft Apprenticeship intake September 1962. He left to be a roadie with Beatles. He told me/us that it was George he really palled up with - carrying his guitar early on. I remember when Love Me Do & Please Please Me were first playing - Tony enthralled us with his Hamburg Jacket and Beatles hairstyle. Many of that first intake at Liverpool College of Technology (Halewood was under construction), formed or joined Groups. Pete Dunn (Riot Squad), Charlie Crane (later of the Cryin’ Shane’s), Rob Smith, Eric Cotterell, Clem Wiley, and me (Joe Cooke) formed The Protests, others worthy of mention but I’m unsure of details. Great memories! A bunch of us had our free lunchtime meal stopped as we refused to get our hair cut!