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French Interview


In February 1979, George was in France and interviewed by  Marc Toesca from the Monte-Carlo radio station.  George stayed from February 15-25 in Plaza-Athene Hotel, where Elton John also stayed. Elton did several gigs in Theatre des Champs Elysees.  George took this opportunity to go and listen to him on February 25. They ended the evening together. Elton confessed that George's LP was his favorite one at the moment. 

MT:  What's your opinion about New Wave?

George: I think that punk music like a gun in a car race; it's the wreck! You see, I'm not a punk fan. I like some people like Elvis Costello; there are more melodies in his songs and good lyrics. 

MT: Is it difficult for a rock star to grow old?

George: No, it's very easy to grow old, it's the same thing for everybody. There's no problem. It could be different if I was the only one who grew old on earth, but everybody gets old at the same time. 

MT: Would you like to act in a movie?

George: No. After the Beatles movies, people asked us to act in various other movies. But I'm not the kind of person who likes to act; it's very difficult. I think that to be a performer, you must wish to be several persons, and most of the good actors I'm acquainted with don't know who they are, really. 

MT: Did you attend Elton John's concert?

George: Yes. I think it's one of the best gigs I saw in years. It's a striking concert -- and I think that Ray Cooper is really the star -- Elton John accompanies Ray Cooper. 

MT:  What's happening with Dark Horse Records?

George:  Well, you know, everything is ok now, because Dark Horse Records, it's only myself. Formerly a few bands and singers were with Dark Horse but I found out that it was not for me to become a businessman. My own energy was reduced because people phoned me often to get more money for renting studios and so on...In the end, I had no time to spare for my own music. So I decided not to have any people with Dark Horse except me, and now it's really very cool; every time I want to record an LP, it's on Dark Horse Records, and that's all. 

MT: It's 10 years since the Beatles split. In 1979 how do you feel about this breakup? Is it hard to bear?

George: No, I accept it. It was a good experience. It's something which happened at a precise moment and came to a halt. It was natural for us to break up. It was too hard for four guys so close to remain togetrher with as much energy as we had. It's like when you grow old, you're 18 or 19 and  you leave your parents; for us it was the same thing. We grew togetherand then we decided to fend for ourselves. 

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