Sunday, January 14, 2024

The Day of the "Two Junkies" interview

January 14, 1969


  1. What does “Day of the Two Junkies Interview” mean. I’m not familiar with that. Thanks

    1. The Two Junkies interview is the interview John and Yoko gave on this day when they were high on heroin. John had to leave in the middle of the interview to throw up.

    2. but yoko's drug influence was so good for him don't ya think

    3. Ah yes, now I do recall that. Thanks

    4. John was a grown man. He could make his own decisions. Just ANOTHER cheap shot at Yoko. 😠

    5. When it comes to J&Y's heroin issues, it is not a "good guy/bad guy" scenario. John was a grown man,sure...but he had addiction issues. Was the previous comment re: Yoko a cheap shot? No, it was a fair, clean shot. Peddling H is never a good thing. Just ask another addict, James Taylor. JL also received heroin in '68 from Taylor. Who has had the class and decency to admitting feelings of guilt for doing what he did. Sincerely doubt Yoko would have given him H if she had a chance to go back to that time period again.