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Russian Radio

 January 26, 1989 

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  1. The special London telephone number where you could ring Paul, in Studio S7, was printed in the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda on the morning of the broadcast. As a result, the BBC station receives a total of over 1,000 calls. The last luminary to attempt this. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, received just under 300 calls in July 1988. Unfortunately, only 14 callers make it on to the programme. The Russian language questions are translated into English for Paul by the show's English host of Granny's Chest, Sam Jones. Paul's answers are then translated back into Russian for immediate transmission back behind the Iron Curtain. (The programme also features music from Paul's album CHOBA B CCCP, and is transmitted between 6:05 and 7:00pm GMT. Highlights from the show are transmitted to the rest of the world on the BBC World Service programme Multi Track 3, which is broadcast on Friday January 27, with a repeat taking place the following day. Paul's arrival at the BBC studios earlier in the day is featured on both the BBC and ITN news bulletins