Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Quit the Beatles

 January 10, 1969 -- A day we will never forget -- the day George Harrison quit the Beatles. 


  1. Well, he didn't quit did he? He just acted like a petulant child so they would be nicer to him. LOL!!

    1. He WAS gone for a while. You are YOU to call George that? You weren't in his situation so you have no room to comment. 😠

    2. Hey 1/11, good thing George brought Billy P into the LIB sessions, right? After all, the other 3 "petulant children" suddenly started behaving better, yes ? lol!!

    3. Hey if it works…

    4. He was being petulant. George gets treated these days as if he were some sort of victim who can do no wrong. None of them were exactly on their best behavior for one reason or another. George bringing in Billy Preston was passive-aggressive in my opinion. Look, I've brought in a mate to back me up. No diss on Billy by the way.
      He was great.